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About Us

Cedar Lodge started in 2001 by myself & husband Steve as a home based business – providing the local community with rug repairs, wormers and a small range of rugs and accessories. Both of us already had separate jobs – Steve working in the entertainment industry and myself working in the family screenprinting business as a sewer & causal printer. I started sewing rugs for a friend in her growing business and in 2004 decided to take the plunge and start my own line of rugs and accessories (under the Champion Rugs brand) A lot has happened over the years, we have done numerous trade shows, sponsored countless events and have employed several people along the way, as well as running a shop front saddlery in Emerald for 4 years. Running a shop front was enjoyable but very hard on my young family at the time and we made the decision to bring it all back home and run it once again out of my small sheds! I love what I do, helping customers, making friends along the way and enjoying life! We are a small business with big ideas. We now successfully operate out of our purposely built premises and manufacture a wide range of products that are shipped Australia wide as well as overseas. We may run a small business but we have big ideas and look forward to many areas of growth. Thank you to all our supporting customers past and present and we look forward to many more years in the industry supplying high quality Australian made products. Kylee & Steve

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