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BreedPlus- Specifically designed for breeding stock.


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Our BreedPlus formula has been specifically designed for breeding stock. Broodmares, breeding stallions, foals and yearlings. This
formula is designed to support the growth and development of the foetus and young horse, the mare through her pregnancy and
lactation stages as well as the servicing stallion.
Calcium and Phosphorous
Calcium and phosphorous are both essential for optimal growth and development of the musculoskeletal system. We have
specifically used a 2:1 ratio of Ca:P to meet the requirements of the growing foetus to ensure they are supported through their
growing years. If there is an unbalanced mineral ratio and phosphorous is higher than calcium, this can limit the absorption of
calcium. Resulting in impaired growth and skeletal malformations, hence why it is vital to provide this mineral balance, to optimise
healthy growth in foals.
Vitamin A
Vitamin A is required for the development and regeneration of new cells. It is vital in the development of the foetus and we have
included this at appropriate levels for correct foetal and foal growth, as deficiencies have resulted in limited growth rates and
patterns. In addition to general growth vitamin A is essential for a sound development of the eye; specifically, in the retina. Severe
deficiencies have also been found to lead to decreased sperm count and motility.
Folate is vital for DNA synthesis and plays a critical role in cell division, like Vitamin A. The increased level in this formula, assists in
supporting healthy cellular development of the foetus. Studies have found a reduction in folate levels in the third trimester and
even more so through lactation, where there is an increased need to support the growing foal.
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Dose rates:
300kg pony: 12.5g (2/3rds large level scoop)
500kg horse: 25.5g (1 and ½ large level scoops)
600+kg horse: 34g (2 large level scoops)
Feeding Instructions: Mix well into slightly damp feed
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