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Elasti-Wrap Cohesive Bandage


Elasti-Wrap Cohesive Bandage is the ultimate solution for equine wound care and support. Designed with your horse’s welfare in mind, this innovative bandage offers superior protection and comfort.
The cohesive properties of Elasti-Wrap eliminate the need for clips or fasteners, making application and removal a breeze.
Properly applied, this bandage is an excellent pressure bandage and will not constrict limb movement.
Excellent porosity means it sheds water and stays light while allowing the skin to breathe.

• Sold as a single bandage.
• Self-Adherent Design: Stays in place without clips or fasteners.
• Breathable Material: Allows air circulation to promote healing.
• Waterproof: Maintains effectiveness even when wet.
• Versatile Use: Suitable for horses, animals and humans.
• Generous length: 4.5 metres long.

Colour 10cm x 4.5m *

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Weight.20 kg




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