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Gold Medal Chifney Bit w/ Rubber Mouth


• Anti-Rear bits are designed to prevent young horses from rearing while being led, and are ideal for Race Day or Sale Yards.
• A Chifney Bit is a straight mouth anti-rear bit.
• Loose rings attach to halter with bit clips or straps.
• An Anti-Rear bit head strap can also be used if preferred.
• All accessories are sold separately unless specifically included.
• Size Guide: Thoroughbred Yearling (11.5cm -4½″)
• Adult Racehorse (12.5cm – 5″)
• Rubber Covered Gold Medal

Gold Medal Bits are made of high tensile strength alloy metal. This superb metal is free of zinc and nickel so it will never harm your horse! The over 90% copper content makes the horse’s mouth highly receptive to the bits. The sweet and mouth moistening metal allows easy and eager acceptance of the bit and relaxes the horse for better response and control.

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Gold Medal


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