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Showmaster Horse Trimmer w/Guide Combs


The Showmaster GTS-888 is a popular clipper/trimmer for all-round trimming tasks, and is suitable for both horses and small animals such as dogs. The Trimmer is equipped with a powerful 30 watt motor that allows you to clip for a longer time while the built-in cooling device prevents it from overheating.
Its quiet operation allows you to trim your horse or pet with minimal noise, helping to prevent them from being frightened. The Showmaster Horse Trimmer includes 2 interchangeable blade heads (1mm and 3mm) and 4 guide combs (3, 6, 9 & 12mm) allowing you to cut the hair to desired lengths with precision. The blade locking hinge will keep the blade securely installed for safe operation.Ergonomic design, lightweight, with a long power cord makes this a great all-round trimmer for horses and pets!

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