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Veredus Olympus Absolute Tendon Boots


• Front tendon boot ideal for multiple equestrian disciplines: wider, stronger, safer. Olympus Absolute Front Tendon Boots feature a larger protective surface that covers the entire area from the flexor tendon to the fetlock thanks to the innovative inverted Y shape.
• The plastic of the shell has different densities and characteristics depending on the area of protection, more resistant in the areas of the flexor tendon and the internal fetlock which are more at risk of accidental impacts.
• The anatomical shape guarantees maximum comfort and perfect positioning on the horse’s front leg.
• The Double Density shell material is associated with EVA, a particularly flexible and elastic anti-shock plastic material offering absolute protection and unique comfort.
• Fastenings are elastic straps and quick release tips.
• Sold in pairs.
• Double Density anatomic shell
• Wider and extended EVA protection
• Greater support for the fetlock
• Elastic straps
• Quick release tips

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