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Veredus young Jump Vento ‘Save the Sheep’ Boots


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The Kevlar® Gel Vento is a tendon/fetlock hind boot which includes a Kevlar® protective layer. This synthetic material is lightweight, impact resistant, hard wearing and is five times stronger than steel.

The horses limb is also protected by a nitrexgel shock absorber film.

‘Save the Sheep’ is the new line in techno sheepskin, being cruelty free. The lining is a man-made fabric, which is free from any animal derivatives.

• Double ventilation
• Microperforated neoprene AEROX
• 3D mesh ducted fabric
• Tendon/Fetlock protection in Kevlar® + nitrexgel
• Quick-release tip
•Anatomically-shaped shell
• ‘Save the Sheep’ man-made sheepskin lined for additional comfort and protection

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