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Which canvas rug?

All our canvas fabric is manufactured and waterproofed in Australia – we do not use any inferior imported canvas in any of our products!

Tearlok® Eyre is a medium weight 52 / 48 polyester cotton proofed canvas fabric with a tearlok® square (ripstop) construction. tearlok® Eyre is engineered using the DDP (Defab Duraproofing Process) coupled with the latest advancements in weaving technology.

Tearlok® Boulder is a medium weight 52% Polyester 48% Cotton proofed canvas. With corespun yarn ripstop. Boulder is constructed to provide higher than normal tear and tensile strength.

Tearlok® Dale Mid-weight 52/48 polyester cotton proofed check canvas. Specifically developed to provide year-round comfort with medium to heavy protection for horses or livestock. When the protection and comfort of your horse or animal needs to be season specific, tearlok® Dale guarantees comfort and provides a strong, durable, waterproof and completely breathable cover fabric.

Rawhide is a strong, tough, general-purpose blended polyester / cotton canvas incorporating an attractive blue-dyed yarn overchecked to enhance the Tearstop construction. The material is specifically designed for horse rugs

Tearlok® Glen is a heavy weight 52148 polyester cotton coloured canvas check fabric, incorporating a tearlok (ripstop) construction and our DDP (Defab Duraproofing process). tearlok® Glen is a very resilient and strong engineered canvas with a distinctive over checked yarn to accentuate the tearlok® construction. tearlok® Glen is specifically tailored for heavy duty horse rugs, blankets, swags and general animal and livestock covers.

Trojan 18 is simply the heaviest and toughest of all wide width horse rug fabrics.Trojan 18 is a tearstop construction blended polyester / cotton woven with black dyed warp and weft yarns.

When purchasing a new canvas rug  – it should be seasoned before use. Hang rug up and thoroughly wet canvas all over and then allow it to dry completely. This allows the thread to swell and fill the sewing holes in – thus making the rug waterproof and ready for wet weather use.  This process should be done at least two times and manufacturers recommend this to be done before wet weather use every year.

High quality wool linings

Cedar Lodge does not use any bush blanket lining in any of their canvas rugs. Bush blanket is an inferior material that consists of leftover fabric which is compressed together to make the blanket. It does not provide much warmth and does not have any strength whatsoever to it.

Wool is durable offering warmth is breathable against your horse’s skin. Eliminating odours, dermatitis and overheating.


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