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Wool – tartan

Please note colours can slightly change from different dye lots – and the colours on here are only an indication of what they are and may be quite different in true life

Wool Tartan - Blackwatch Aqua

Blackwatch Tartan Aqua

Wool Tartan - Blackwatch Rose

Blackwatch Tartan Pink

Wool Tartan -Blackwatch Purple

Blackwatch Tartan Purple

Wool Tartan Blackwatch Grn/Gld

Blackwatch Tartan Green & Gold


Wool Tartan Blackwatch Scarlet

Blackwatch Tartan Scarlet

Wool Tartan Blackwatch

Blackwatch Tartan


Pink & purple collarcheck

Wool Tartan Scarlet

Scarlet Tartan

Wool Tartan Lindsay

Lindsay Tartan


Wool Tartan - Home

Home Tartan

Wool Collar Check - Cream

Navy & Gold Collarcheck Tartan

Wool Collar Check - Grey& Blk.

Black & Grey Collarcheck Tartan

Wool Collar Check - RED/NAVY

Navy & Red Collacrheck Tartan

Wool Collar Check Sax-Blue

Navy & Sky Collacrcheck Tartan

Wool Collar Check - Black

Black Collarcheck


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