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Washing, repairs & reproofing

Here at Cedar Lodge we offer our inhouse washing of cottons, wools, saddle blankets, dog rugs & the smaller doonas – cost is $15 per load.

Repairs done on all rugs & other products.

We are also an agent for Horse Rug Cleaners – rugs dropped off here, picked up and brought back 2 weeks later. All rugs dry cleaned and re proofed professionally.

Special Wash Programs for: Horse Rugs, saddle cloths, turnout rugs, bandages, boots, etc

Waterproofing available: not sticky or stiff

Special Drying Programs: that ensure no damage to fibre, drying in the shortest time and facilitates the removal of hair

Specialised equipment: High speed extraction for low residual moisture and soft suspension for less wear and tear on items

The benefits: Hygienic rugs, excellent visual appearance, healthy animals and rugs last longer

We highly recommend that rugs and blankets be cleaned on a regular basis even if you choose to clean them yourself.

The ammonia found in urine and manure act like acid on fabrics greatly reducing the strength and life of horse items, making them easier for horses to rip and destroy.

The worst thing that many people do is to store dirty rugs and blankets for the summer. Dirty items stored during winter make a great place spiders, insects and rodents to live.

Heat and moisture bake in all the ammonias into the fabric weakening them and leaving permanent stains. When you are ready to store them make certain you clean them first it will save you $$$.

We do our cleaning in a commercial machine imported from Germany for this purpose and is programmed for different fabrics and detergents .This helps to reduce the wear and tear on your rugs while being cleaned with multiple wash and rinse cycles to aid in deep cleaning.

You will be surprised at the result.


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