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Cedar Lodge Deluxe Unlined Canvas Rugs ~ in stock


Our Rawhide deluxe canvas rugs come standard with shoulder gussets, taffeta shoulders, tent tail flap, pvc legstraps, sheepskin wither, n’rug d’rings, rump darts & double slot pvc front with removable chest strap

Unined Canvas Rugs *

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Rawhide is a strong, tough, general-purpose blended polyester / cotton canvas incorporating an attractive blue-dyed yarn overchecked to enhance the Tearstop construction. The material is specifically designed for horse rugs
Tearlok® Glen is a heavy weight polyester cotton coloured canvas check fabric, incorporating a tearlok (ripstop) construction and our DDP (Defab Duraproofing process). tearlok® Glen is a very resilient and strong engineered canvas with a distinctive over checked yarn to accentuate the tearlok® construction. tearlok® Glen is specifically tailored for heavy duty horse rugs, blankets, swags and general animal and livestock covers. When the protection and comfort of your horse or animal needs to be season specific, tearlok® Dale guarantees comfort and provides a strong, durable, waterproof and completely breathable cover fabric.

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