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Equi-Prene Pressure Eze Dressage Girth w/Sheepskin Lining – Black


This girth has been designed to reduce pressure on the ascending pectorals to help prevent injury and aid in breathing.
The pectoral muscles run from the breastbone to the fore-arm and bring the leg inward. The pressure caused by girths restricts the use of this muscle and limits front end movement.
By doubling the surface area over this muscle area we halve the pressure.

This premium Pressure Eze girth is lined with genuine sheepskin for your horse’s comfort. The sheepskin lining is removable allowing you to wash it for hygiene purposes.

The buckles are Spring Loaded Stainless Steel and Nylon Webbing has been used throughout for durability.
The clever design of this girth gives you the best of both worlds –
• Utmost comfort and freedom of movement for your horse
• Classic shape makes it perfect for dressage competitors looking for their best performance.
• Unique Pressure Eze design
• Reduces pressure on ascending pectorals
• Elastic ends
• Genuine sheepskin lining which is removable for washing
• Spring Loaded Stainless Steel Buckles
• Nylon Webbing throughout

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