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MIRoTEC Foal Survival Kit (adjustable canvas)


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Foal Survival Kits for weak and immature foals.  Specially designed emergency pack for foals that are losing body heat. If foals are weak, sick, injured or developing hypothermia the FoalRug’s ‘space blanket’ technology reflects body heat back into the skin. This improves blood circulation, which recycles heat back into the blood, deep into the muscles and into the gut to maintain vital core temperature.

When placed against an animal’s body, Mirotec reflects infra-red radiation and by reflecting heat, the blanket boosts blood circulation whilst at the same time allowing water vapour and moisture to pass through the laminate. The effects of reflecting back the animal’s own infra-red radiation are to increase tissue temperature, cause vasodilation and thus increase the local circulation which aids the delivery of needed tissue nutrients and the removal of tissue waste products.

Canvas Rug with removable cotton Liner, 4 Leg Wraps & Carry Bag

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