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NRG Stride Hoof Dressing


Nourish Hooves Naturally

Key Benefits:

  • Stays on longer for better absorption
  • Natural black hoof dressing that lasts
  • Helps nourish hooves to keep them supple
  • Helps encourage healthy hoof growth

Tried and proven, helps nourish your horse’s hooves and it stays on longer for better absorption.

Dress and nourish your horses’ hooves at the same time with Stride Hoof Dressing from The NRG Team. NRG Stride is one of Australia’s favourite natural black dressing alternatives for keeping horses’ hooves looking good and performing soundly.

This clever mix of quality ingredients including Lanolin, Pine Tar, Selected Waxes, Natural Oils, and Petroleum Jelly will nourish hooves and keep them looking good in the show ring.

And your farrier will look forward to trimming hooves as Stride will keep them nourished making it easier to rasp and apply a shoe. Stride also guards against nail splits, keeps the hoof supple for improved mobility, and encourages healthy hoof growth.

Stride Hoof Dressing was developed decades ago in response to poor quality blackening products that dried out the hoof and were incredibly difficult to remove. With Stride Hoof Dressing, you can enjoy the black shine of freshly dressed hooves and know you are helping to look after your horse at the same time.

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