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How a canvas rug works

After a panic phone call from a customer saying her horse was wet under her new unlined canvas rug I thought I should share with you how a canvas rug works on your horse.
A canvas rug works on the body heat of your horse – if your horse gets cool or cold from a severe temperature change then they will draw moisture from the outside which will make them damp/wet and cold.
A canvas rug with initial use needs to get wet a few times so that the thread swells up and fills the sewing holes but it we have 50ml of rain in one go this does not give the rug a chance to dry and the process may take longer.
Simply by adding a wool or polar fleece under rug will help regulate your horse’s body temperature and keep him/her dry.
Any rug that a customer has brought back to check proofness has passed every time with a bucket of water sitting on top of the rug without it getting wet underneath.
Monitor your horse’s temperature and rug accordingly.
It’s 12 degrees here in the valley at the moment – if you were in an unlined shell coat for hours on the pouring rain you too would start to get cold and damp underneath – same goes for your horses.
Hope this info helps ?


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