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Wahl Guide Comb Set of 8 for Competition & Ultimate Blades


To achieve a longer coat than a blade alone would produce, use clipper comb/guide attachments. With the blade already attached to the clipper, you simply snap the guide/comb on.
• Using a guide/comb helps to produce a smooth, more professional look by giving your animal a more uniform length.

• This Stainless Steel Guide Comb set works best with the Wahl Competition Series Size #30 Blade.

• They are, however universal self-adjusting snap on combs and can be used with other clipper brands that have a size #10, #15 or #30 blade. (do not use guide combs with a #40 blade).
• The Wahl stainless steel guide combs are colour-coded for easy size identification.
• Set of eight combs includes plastic storage tray.
• Set of 8 includes #1 (3mm), #2 (6mm), #3 (10mm), #4 (12mm), #5 (16mm), #6 (22mm) and #8 (25mm).
• Wahl Clippers that work with these guide combs and the blades mentioned are all the Wahl KM Series Clippers.

• Included guide comb sizes are #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8.
• These guide combs work best with Wahl Competition Series #30 blades (this is the standard blade sold with most Wahl Clippers).
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